How it works

1. Contact me through my website and we can discuss your tracks(s)  This will give you the opportunity to tell me exactly what it is you are wanting me to add to your project including style and sound. It is helpful if you can think of tracks I can reference that have a similar feel to what you are after. When you are happy…

2. Send me an mp3 of your track(s) and I will get to work on playing and recording the perfect bass line and sound you are after!

3. Your Approval  Once I have recorded your track(s) I will send you mp3s for you to approve. I will be happy to re-record the track or edit to your liking once. (Further re-records/edits thereafter with require a subsequent charge that we can discuss if need be)

4. Payment (via PAYPAL)

5. Download your files. Once payment is received, the bass line is uploaded and a link sent to you to download the audio (Usually I will send two files per track. One DI and one Cab which in itself allows a lot of scope when mixing. But we will discuss this to your preference.)