Online Session Bassist

   Welcome to Add Real Bass – Online Session Bass Player.

Whether it’s replacing programmed bass or composing bass lines to fit your music, this site can help you get great live bass onto your project quickly and affordably over the internet.

You might be a songwriter, engineer, band, composer or producer wanting to add real bass to your track, album, jingle, soundtrack, or indeed any project. Through my website I can offer you a fast and affordable way of hiring a professional session bass player to play great sounding live bass lines that fit perfectly with your track whilst saving you studio and engineer expenses. I have a wide range of equipment from valve Ampeg and Ashdown heads/cabs, vintage Rickenbacker and Musicman to modern gear such as Warwick basses and Mark Bass amps – all with the aim of achieving the right sound and feel for all music

” After months of searching for the right bass player I finally found him (and you can too). Steven Oates is your guy. His background and experience allow him to quickly fuse into any musical style to make your track sparkle. There are lots of online musicians that say they can play any style, but simply cannot. You need someone with the requisite experience to produce a radio-ready bass track and Steven has it. I will definitely use him again.”  – Isaac Agyeman “Begin Again” (Canada)

“Great sound and great feeling. Steven perfectly understood what I was looking for my songs. I will definitely work with him again.” – David Baechler, Artist, Songwriter, Producer (France)

Steven is an incredibly adept musician and really great person to work with. He has a wonderful feel, and he is a highly musicial player. I’m amazed at how easy the whole process was, and how good the results are. I’m simply enjoyed recording album with him.” – Nikolay Kurakin, Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Guitarist / “MOI” rock band (Russia)


Additionally, I am potentially available for sessions in person or gigs/tours so if you have any enquiry, please feel free to get in touch via my contact page.

Please play the videos or use the music player to listen to examples of my playing..